Bill Nigreen
The current pandemic and awakening to the racism built into our society has made me, like others, reconsider the privileged path I took to build my career. I have much more to do and learn and that is my primary public task now.
This website is a record of my career: 10 years as a philosopher, 18 years in the business world, and 20 years as Facilitation for Social Change, where I worked with more than one hundred Boston-area cultural non-profits.
You'll find testimonials to the kinds of work I did under Client List/Client Stories. 
For my volunteer roles, please refer to Non-Profit Affiliations.
Finally, my earlier professional career is summarized in Background.
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Bill Nigreen
7 Fayette Street
Boston, MA 02116

The great cellist Pablo Casals was asked why, at 80 years old, he continued to practice four and five hours a day.
He answered: “Because I think I am making progress.”

At Renata von Tscharner's retirement party from Charles River Conservancy.
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