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Social Changes
1980 -- 2000
Nine social changes earlier in my career
At Analog Devices and Fidelity Investments and as a volunteer in the civic sector, I facilitated the vision and follow-through of many mission-driven leaders who created and sustained an amazing amount of change here in greater Boston.  Here are the changes I was fortunate to take part in.
1. Quality Management became standard across sectors
2. Training and development became its own professional discipline
3. “Teams,” “collaboration,” and “social capital” became common parlance
4. Human networks reaped enormous benefits from the Internet
5. Caring for parks and the environment made a definitive turnaround
6. Business ethics evolved as field of knowledge, influencing corporate practice
7. Public-private partnership became standard practice
8. High-skill volunteers became a major resource for non-profits
9. “Social enterprise” matured, producing benefits across sectors

2000 -- 2020
Five social changes making a difference now
Leaving the private sector, my avocation to improve the world became a vocation: facilitation for social change, right here in Boston.
1. “Social investing” to produce measurable outcomes
2. Out-of-school time as a complement to education reform
3. Boston’s urban renaissance
4. Ever greater respect for parks and green space
5. Arts and culture as a means to community and economic development
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